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Fairy Lights


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"Imagination is more important  than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein

There's the version of Einstein that everybody recognizes-"The genius with crazy snowy hair", but did you know about the quirky, the odd and the imaginative side of him?


First, just to clarify, we're not claiming to be geniuses-we had to spellcheck the word. (lol)


Tbcandleco. (abbreviated from There & Back Co.), started with one vision in mind-to jog memories and create new ones. To encourage people to open up their creative energy and power. Scent & music does this! We believe that life doesn't have to be monotone. We don't always have to follow the unspoken etiquette that most of us unlearned in elementary school.


The invention of the 'Einstein's Library' candle is what started it all. A magical, imaginative vibe from long ago of what the library of Albert Einstein; a place where the secrets of the universe were imagined, felt like.


The vintage leather chair, the hard bound used books, his musky tobacco pipe and gramophone playing Bach.


Combine this scent with our Vellum Story Scroll that contains a story short & a QR code to our curated version of his favorite music (Einstein especially loved Bach).


You, in theory, will have time travel to Einstein's library. This is the bases of all of our candle scents from The Redolére Collection ~ It's an imaginative journey using your senses.

A video about the original Einstein candle.

  Song "New Home" is used with expressed written permission 

 by Austin Farwell.  Click here for his Instagram. 

Einstein was right through, (clearly). The genius in him knew that creating something out of thin air needed imaginative thoughts. Science isn't always about knowledge. Knowledge is the answer to the equation, imagination is the precursor.

The subsisting core of who There & Back Co. is, whether we create something other than candles in the future, is creative imagination and sharing it with people across the world.

This has been the goal since the beginning.

tbcandleco. believes your imagination is powerful, just like Albert Einstein once quoted.

How many of us are dreamers? How many of us have crazy hair, (I do) a messy desk, (that too), and our heads are in the clouds? (*raises all hands*).

There is something pivotal about finding a fragrance, a song with a story or a picture from an environment that prods of a specific moment, or captivates the imagination to create a new one.

It's ALL about the goosebumps, baby.

The creator of There & Back Co., J. Scott (also known as the "The Time Traveler"), has a fascination with creating scent partnered with other components that will cause auditory frisson, jog memory and create fantasy realms while utilizing your 5 senses; sight, sound, taste, touch & smell.

There & Back Candle Co.'s first video about the brand before it got its new name.
Meet the founder, Jen Scott and discover our purpose.

Our goal at tbcandleco. is to provide you with an intriguing & consistent, high quality experience while being extremely environmentally transparent and careful about our packaging and raw materials so you can enjoy your experience that much more.

100% of what we ship to every customer is biodegradable and/or reusable. We take pride in knowing that we use 0% plastic in all of our packaging and shipping supplies. It is difficult to control how our suppliers utilize plastic however, we are committed to a plastic free experience to our customers because we believe it's every businesses responsibility to understand the impact of how they utilize their materials as an ongoing business practice. We are always on the lookout to modify any packaging to co-extend current "eco conscious" times as well.

We take pride in knowing we have researched & have good supplier relationships some of the BEST suppliers to provide us our raw materials for your candles.

We made the decision early on to never purchase waxes, wicks and fragrances or other raw goods from Amazon or unverified sources because of a lack of traceable, verifiable transparency in ingredients.

We vowed to always use the highest quality fragrances made with essential oils that NEVER contain phthalates, toxins, mutagens or carcinogens and is cruelty free on animals.

Our food grade candle waxes are ALWAYS the highest quality available from local suppliers that have well known and excellent reputations.

Our waxes, wicks and fragrances are created in the United States using traceable, verifiable ingredients.

We've created amazing candles with awesome scent throw.

All this to say, we're not just here to sell things; we're here to share a paralleled experience with everyone; which is sometimes only acquired by imagination.

Take a look at some of our candle themes, you might find something that surprises or moves you.

We're always creating new themes, so make sure to come back and see what new things are up!

Don't forget to trim your wicks!

Thank you for stopping by!

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