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The shop is currently closed for the holidays!
We are wick testing new jars and making some changes to the website.

Please look around, read our story and/or learn
about the Redolere Collection!
We're so excited to share
the new creations.

Be back in a jiffy.

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There & Back Co.™ is based in San Francisco, CA, USA
Music: Cello Suite in G Major written by Johann Sebastian Bach
Provided with fair use by @NthngAudio on Instagram

Design Copyright(s) Disclaimer

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There & Back Co.™ designs and themes are proprietary and are protected under United States copyright law.

All designs and scents were created by There & Back Co.™ by proprietary testing and artistic creation.

By viewing our website and/or purchasing our merchandise, you enter into a binding arbitrary agreement to not recreate our designs, artwork, themes & stories and/or resell for your own business(es).

Any person or business found to be reselling There & Back Co.™ merchandise and/or recreating designs, and/or story themes will have appropriate action taken against them.

We have the right to send cease & desist letters and/or sue appropriately to offending parties if they are found to be recreating There & Back Co.™ designs & themes which directly violates copyright law to which There & Back Co.™ is protected.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

There & Back Co.™ follows all Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) laws.

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