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Step 1

Trim It

Our wooden wick candles burn low and slow so make sure not to cut the wick too short or leave it too long.

Prior to each lighting, trim the wooden wick to 1/4” for a clean and smoke free burn.

If your candle does start to smoke, the flame is too high, or it the flame is too small, break off the charred black bits on top and re-light. 

Note: We trim the wicks prior to shipping.

Also, always protect the surface on which the candle sits.

Step 2

First Memory Burn

On your first light, allow the entire surface of wax to melt to avoid "Tunneling"—

Minimum of 3 hours. The best scent throw happens when there is a large wax melt pool.

 “Wax wall hanging,” is normal.

For all burns, never let it go for more than 4 hours.

Step 3

Is The Wick Off Center?

After extinguishing the flame, adjust the wick while the wax is still molten.

By insuring the wick is centered, it encourages the candle to burn evenly so you continue to have an awesome scent throw with no uneven wax.

Maybe, make some wax fingertips too cuz that's fun

heh heh.


Step 4


When a 1/4” of wax is left in your candle, it’s time to upcycle the glass. Flowers, markers, an old school candy dish with wrapped candy, whatever floats your boat.

Cleaning tip — put the candle in the freezer until the wax is frozen, then the wax should pop out easily.

Always remove the remaining wax and clean it thoroughly prior to upcycling.

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