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Vintage Winter


How to choose your perfect scent

Use your senses to romanticize your life!

Inspires mindfulness and adventure!

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You're the main character, the archetype you choose, not the secondary.

You are on your heroes journey.

Each candle we create is designed with a special front label inspired by the scent. It is a window into a world you have yet to exploreYou get to be the creator of how your scent is utilized.

Choosing a candle scent theme is going to be as unique as you are. Every scent we blend is created with toxic-free, clean fragrance!

How do you envision your life within a certain amount of time?

Do you need momental escape from the day? A daily reminder to romance the moment?

Or a serious re-intention that brings you into a mindfulness of your goals?

Make the choosing of yours as simple or as complex as you'd like.
Start with thinking about one of your life goals. How do you envision your environmental space?


Want to learn more about us?

Keep reading below for a better idea of what our candles are all about and join our NEW community of imaginatives, adventure seekers, story lovers, self-lovers, home designers and fragrance explorers!

Follow us on Spotify and our social medias to listen to our curated playlists, see what the community is doing and what we're working on!

We're looking forward to having you!

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Founder's Story

"I am a synesthete. Synesthesia is neurological, in which information that stimulates one of the senses, also stimulates several of my senses. It's nearly impossible to explain because it's different for every person who experiences it.

I've always had a fascination with aesthetics that create a story. Experiencing a scent that invokes a memory, adding music to it, its like you're there.
That's the beauty of story alongside the senses.
I love working with scent, sound, design and theories in imagination. Like Willy Wonka!

There & Back Candle is about exploring where we can do with the 5 senses that are woven into home design; creating an adventure in your minds eye.

I create enjoyment and olfactory memory recall, even if I've never been there physically. Imagination is powerful.
I believe my work is unique, playful and sincere.

I am so glad you're here and thank you for supporting my shop.
Let's find the scent that moves you!"

©2023 There & Back Candle™

All rights reserved.


Jen Scott

Founder | Owner | Artist |
Designer | Chandler |

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